Shinobue Concert with French Lunch @Niihama on 28th January 2018


//28th January 2018 in Niihama, Japan//

This concert is sold out.
Thank you very much.

Kazunari Abe will have a concert with French lunch.

Lunch Concert "Shinobue & French"
Appearance: Kazunari Abe (Shinobue)

DATE: Sunday, 28th January 2018
open11:00-/ lunch12:00-13:30/ concert13:40-14:40

PLACE: Marine Park Niihama
(324, 3chome, Habu, Niihama, Ehime, Japan)

PRICE: 5,000YEN *Drink will be not included

Bay Side Restaurant Blanc & Bleu +81 897 45 4501