“Fortune, Come on” [Saijo, Japan] 24th July


//24th July 2021 in Saijo, Japan//

Kazunari Abe will perform Shinobue, Japanese bamboo flute as a guest performer in the concert by Sizzle Ohtaka.

“Fortune, Come on” Saijyo-shi

July 24, 2021 in Ehime, 12:30open / 13:00start

Ishizuchi Shrine
[797 Nishidako, Saijyo-shi, Ehime]
TEL 0897-55-4168
2,951yen /adult
999yen /high school students and younger
Sizzle Ohtaka(vocal)
Yuki Watanabe(piano)
Hideo Yoshioka(bass)
Hiromi Imakubo(soprano singer)
★Special guest★
Kazunari Abe(shinobue)
※Enjoy the special music of this day,which is a combination of jazz,classical and traditional music.

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