DAWNING. [Live Streaming!] 6th December


//6th December 2020, Live Streaming//

We will put on the full version of "DAWNING" without audience at "musée Nadaya", which was established by renovating Miyauchi Family Residence, a registered tangible cultural property, and our performance will be streamed both in and out of Japan live on the internet.

The streaming tickets are available here:

Sunday, 6th December 2020
Start at 19:00 *JST
**After the Live Streaming, you can watch the archive video for 14 days (until 20th December).

Amaterasu Kanae Kusu (Ballet dancer)
Mirror Artisan Kazunari Abe (Shinobue, Japanese bamboo flute player)
Storyteller / Divine Spirit Hideshi Sogabe (“Negi” Senior Priest of Ishizuchi Shrine)

Akiko Kinoshita (Piano)
Atsuhiro Tada (Shinobue, Japanese bamboo flute)
Shinji Mitani (Taiko, Japanese drum)
Ukyo Mitani (Taiko, Japanese drum)

[STREAMING TICKET] *Tax included
2500 YEN
3000 YEN (Support Ticket 500 YEN included)
3500 YEN (Support Ticket 1000 YEN included)
4000 YEN (Support Ticket 1500 YEN included)
4500 YEN (Support Ticket 2000 YEN included)
5000 YEN (Support Ticket 2500 YEN included)
*Support for Future Development of "DAWNING."

Natutal (Niihama, Japan)

CACTUS Inc. (Niihama, Japan)