Concert in Planetarium vol.3 [Matsuyama, Japan] 17th January


//17th January 2021 in Matsuyama, Japan//

Kazunari Abe will perform Shinobue, Japanese bamboo flute in planetarium.

The flyer:

Kazunari Abe
Shinobue, Japanese Bamboo Flute Concert in Planetarium vol.3
with Hoshizora Gakudan (Starry Sky Ensemble)

Sunday, 17th January 2021, open13:00 start14:00

Matsuyama City Community Center, Cosmo Theatre

Kazunari Abe (Shinobue, Japanese bamboo flute)
Hoshizora Gakudan (Starry Sky Ensemble)
Akiko Kinoshita (Keyboard)
Atsuhiro Tada (Shinobue)
Shinji Mitani (Taiko, Japanese drum)
Ukyo Mitani (Taiko)

*High school student or under 1000YEN
*Only 100 seats available (Less than a half of the all seats)


Shinobue Studio +81 50 5372 3395
Or please send you message through [Contact] page on this website.