Piano&Vocal: James Wilson
 Japanese flute Shinobue: Kazunari Abe
The two formed "Sora Ocean" at the end of 2009, and toured in Japan.
After half a year, they suspended their activity because James went back to his home country, USA.
Afterwards, Sora Ocean had gigs sporadically, in Ehime & Tokyo at the end of 2010, in New York at the end of 2011.
The album "88" is the result of a chance meeting between James and Kazunari in Shikoku Island surrounded by the beautiful sky (SORA) & OCEAN.

1 Romance
2 Icicle Lullaby
3 Japanese Lullaby (*Traditional song of Kyoto, japan)
4 Ambulette
5 Moon Dust
6 Misaka Mago-uta (*Traditional song of Ehime, Japan)
7 Flora's Alive
8 Prayer Song

21st July 2010 RELEASE ¥1,200-
Red Butterfly Records

*Available for download through iTunes, Amazon and more.

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